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Exclusive: We're giving away six Skyrim plush helmets to lucky winners!
by Chris Hawke

COMPETITION CLOSED: You can see who won on this tweet here. However - don't lose heart. With our new site coming any day now, we'll have a few more competitions to run - and who knows, maybe it will be your last chance to grab something Skyrim-based?...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nords and Orcs, Khajiit and Dunmer, we have a special treat for you all. With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fast approaching, ready to swoop into your living room and tear the beating heart out of your social life, Bethesda want you to start getting into the mind of Dovahkiin. And how can you possibly feel like the Dragonborn? You can wear his helmet.

Bethesda have been kind enough to send Gamer's Guide to six glorious, wonderful and mesmerising Skyrim plush helmets to give away to you, our lovely readers. These fuzzy-yet-intimidating pieces of headgear not only keep you warm on cold winter nights in Whiterun, but also grant you the power to take down world-eating dragons.

Here's a full list of the perks it grants you:

+1 softness
+5 charm
+3 bartering skill
+10 hand-to-hand
3% chance to do a critical hit when shouting 'Strun-Bah-QO!' in a public place
-15 flame resistance
+100 social awesomeness
100% chance to attract opposite sex all the time

These might just be the last Skyrim helmets left for you to snap up without stumping up almost $100 on eBay. It's your chance to be a part of history, to be the coolest of the cool, to wear a plush hat with pride and scream "I. AM. DRAGONBORN!".

To enter, all you need do is tweet the following message using an unprotected, personal Twitter account, and make sure to follow our Twitter account at @ggtl:

RT and follow @ggtl to win 1 of 6 Skyrim plush helmets, courtesy of Bethesda! Details and terms:

Entrants must be in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, or Europe.

And whilst you're at it, feel free to follow @systemlinkblog for all the latest breaking and exclusive news. They're our sister-site, and if Mum finds out that we're getting more attention then them, we'll be grounded (again).

If you want a sneak preview of what the hat looks like, take a gander below:

Note: we have no idea what is happening in this picture. You'll get the awesome hat, but we won't smear you in dirt and put glitter in your mouth. We have some dignity...

Just follow @ggtl and retweet us, and we'll pick the six winners at random when the competition closes on Thursday 3rd November, 11:59pm (GMT).

However, heed this, young warrior. Word has come from Mournhold that more helmets have been found in the wilderness of Elsweyr, and are making their way to Skyrim. Keep an eye on Gamer's Guide to, and you may just discover the truth very soon...

UPDATE: And if that wasn't quite explicit enough - all you people with an odd hatred of Twitter or living somewhere outside of the competition? Keep your eyes peeled - all is not lost.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Entrants must submit their entries by no later than 11:59am GMT on Thursday, 3rd November, 2011.
  • Winners will be chosen at random at midday, Greenwich Mean Time, on Friday, 4th November, 2011.
  • There will be six chosen winners, and each winner will receive one Skyrim plush helmet.
  • The prize consists of one Skyrim plush helmet.
  • There is no alternative prize and the prize may not be exchanged for any other item, nor any monetary amount.
  • Entrants must follow both the Gamer's Guide to Twitter account ( and retweet the message in order for their entry to be valid.
  • The Gamer's Guide to Life Network reserves the right to withold prizes for any reason it sees fit.
  • The immediate families of Gamer's Guide to Life Network staff are prohibited from entering.
  • Prize will be shipped to you by Gamer's Guide to Life - thus, we will need to get in contact with you via your Twitter.
  • Entrants must enter the competition using a reguarly-updated, non-spam personal Twitter account, which is not set up merely for competition entries and/or promotional purposes.
  • Following the competition, the winner will be required to contact a given Gamer's Guide to Life Network representative in order to provide the details we need to have the helmets dispatched.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed in any other form than the prize designated.
  • Gamer's Guide to Life reserves the right to refuse entry to winners if they see fit.
  • The Gamer's Guide to Life Network redeems the right to change, edit or otherwise add to or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • Entrants must be located within the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, or any European country.

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- Chris Hawke

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