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Ask Your Questions: Dead Island
by Chris Hawke

Remember when you went on holiday to a remote yet stunning tropical island with Mum, Dad, your brother and his best mate who smelt worryingly of extremely strong cigarettes? Wasn't the sand betwixt your toes a golden warmth; the piercing blue ocean an inviting oasis from a beating, glimmering sun? And remember when everyone got infected with virus and you had to man up and start cracking zombie skulls?

No? Well, Techland certainly had the most violent and haunting childhood getaways, and their upcoming game Dead Island looks set to tug at your heartstrings. As you tug open some undead flesh.

We have an exclusive interview with the Dead Island team, and since we asked all of our readers to contribute to our Resistance 3 interview, we thought that those who prefer the rotting corpses of loved ones to the slimy scales of invading aliens might feel left out if we didn't let you take part in this one, too. Just follow the steps below; you should be used to them by now.

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Ask questions that are as in-depth as you want, on any aspect of the game, development or the future of the series. We'll throw as many as practically possible into our interviewee's earholes. It couldn't be easier.

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- Chris Hawke

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