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Eight games likely to be revealed at GDC 11
by Chris Hawke

It's that time of year again, when obligatory lists must be wheeled out and paraded in front of an audience, poked at with sticks and forced to do tricks for the laughing crowd, whilst salty tears streak down the list's face as it realises it could have been so much more, it could have done something with its life, and so forth. The Game Developer's Conference is always a happy time of year, and 2011 is very special due to Gamer's Guide to's list of games likely to be revealed. We've thunk real hard about these ones, to try and bring you the most realistically viable eight games that could see the light of day.

Assassin's Creed III

Well, this is a given. Ubisoft have confirmed that the final part of the trilogy will hit stores in 'fiscal 2011', but the developer also have Splinter Cell 6 in the wings, being developed by Jade Raymond and company. How do you balance two heavyweights like that? For our money, Desmond will swoop in late 2011, with Sam going back to basics in 2012. A good start to the decade for stealth, then.

Far Cry 3

It's been three years since games took to the plains of Africa and found nothing bit bitter disappointment. Don't let ridiculously high review scores fool you; Far Cry 2 was ham-fisted, broken and unfinished, despite the wonderful graphics. Antarctica has been suggested as a new setting, while others claim the series is staying in Africa (because you can't get enough of that sweet, sweet malaria), but expect a headline-grabbing feature to blind you with beauty - last time it was realistic flames, so maybe for the third outing it's... really awesome water?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

PC gamers, rejoice! Fans of the Soviet era, rejoice! People who like mutants, rejoice! Finally, after three whole spin-offs, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is getting a proper sequel, and this time Dualshocks and Gamepads are invited to the party. GSC Game World announced the title last year, but all's been quiet on the Eastern Front. What are they hiding? Well, after seeing the graphical prowess of Metro 2033, worked on by various ex-GSC employees, expect Chernobyl to look lovely. Albeit in that post-apocalyptic way. Think terrifying mutants; think atmosphere and new locations like the monstrous 'Russian Woodpecker'. The announcement could get shouted down in the busy booths of E3, so GDC is the perfect time to unleash the first gameplay.

Brothers in Arms: Savage Seven

Ousted by GAME last year, it's about time the ace Hell's Highway got a follow up. For those who want their killing a little more refined, Brothers in Arms not only has gameplay that's half-FPS and half-puzzle, but a superb story reminiscent of Band of Brothers. The 'Savage Seven' has prompted a lot of speculation, but the seven roads coming together in Bastogne is the best guess so far. It was also hinted in Hell's Highway (by a ghost, no less) that the series is headed for a snowy setting. Just so long as we're popping Nazis, then we're happy.

a Rainbow Six reboot

The Rainbow Six series burned brightly and then fizzled out in Vegas (twice), with its raffish charm the only thing working in its favour. Expect a Medal of Honor-style reboot, complete with gritty realism involving shady terrorists and a greater focus on online co-op, all in a near-future dystopia of corruption and crime. Ubisoft have a strong line-up anyway, so it might be shelved for E3 or even Spike, but no doubt they're itching to get the hype-train rolling. Down a hill. Full of hostages you must rescue.

Burnout 8

Criterion have been oddly quiet for a studio the makes games about really loud cars, so they must have something up their sleeves. With Shift 2: Unleashed gearing up for release, and Gran Turismo 5 an almost distant memory, it's the perfect time for Burnout to reclaim its crown and sit on the throne of racers that have it all: looks, speed and destructive power. Don't expect a gritty reboot - just lightning fast vehicles, beautiful visuals and the ability to T-bone anything stupid enough to get in your way.

Resident Evil 6

After that quick trip to Africa produced mixed results (bit of a theme, no?), Resisdent Evil needs to go back to basics; namely, shooting the faces off badass zombies. Go back to the dead of night, stop being so racist, and just let me shoot things that bleed! A European, urban setting seems right on the books, and Capcom have a thing for bringing back old characters, especially if they're emo (oh, hey, Leon), and with the Wii versions turning out to be a success, expect Move and Kinect compatibility.

The Chronicles Of Riddick 3

Have you noticed how stealth is pretty much dead? Some games ask you to stay in the shadows, but it's only until you burst out and gun everyone down. Riddick not only provided valuable work for Vin Diesel (the man has a family to feed), but was also incredibly empowering: stalking an unlucky soul in the hallowed corridors of Butchers Bay or Dark Athena before jumping out, slicing his throat and retreating back into darkness was uniquely moreish, and despite the lack of a film to go with, gamers would snap it up regardless.

GDC 11 starts tomorrow, so get ready for reveals galore. Follow our Twitter for more delicious content from our Michelin-star writers.

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- Chris Hawke

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