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IMPORTANT: Regarding the future of GGTL
by Linford Butler

It is with great apprehension, and after a great deal of thought about what is best for the future of Gamer's Guide to Life and the experience of the most important people in our journalistic lives (our lovely readers) that I am about to deliver some rather important news. I do urge you to read on, and I promise faithfully that everything upcoming is for the good of the site.

Now, I don't want you to think that, from that ominous first paragraph, Gamer's Guide to Life is closing its doors, shutting the Venetian blinds and packing up its boxes - because it most certainly isn't. We just feel that Gamer's Guide to Life needs a repaint, a real change round in system and a fresh and creative staffing team, and as such we're going to have to close our doors for just a little while.

So, to the changes that'll be happening. Well, first and foremost, our Managing Editor and site owner, Mr. Matthew Meadows, has left us for a little while due to commitments at university. However, never fear - I am assured that he will be back and taking his managing role again come spring/summer 2010, and says that he'll try to contribute what he can, when he can, but can't promise anything.

Another big change which will be coming over our time away will be a complete restructure, and a fresh face, to our team. You'll still notice some old faces when (we hope) you return to Gamer's Guide to Life once we're back, but we'll have some new writers and editors, and a different team structure which we hope will make the world of difference to the blog, providing our readers with the most comprehensive, dedicated, reliable and unbiased gaming journalism in the business. Or, at least, that's the aim.

And the final change will be Gamer's Guide to Life's entirely new look and feel. We'll be making some major design improvements to the site, and we aim to make it easier, quicker and nicer for you to look round. We'll still be retaining some elements which you'll be familiar with, but the revamp has been long-needed and will definitely take Gamer's Guide to Life into a new era.

We certainly hope you'll stay with us, even though we won't be posting, and be sure to check the site out once we're back and better than ever. We'll be sure to update you on progress on our Twitter account, and we'll be looking for site beta testers in the near future, so be sure to check the blog in order to register your interest. We'll let you know via Twitter, here and email (if you sign up via the sidebar) when the new site is up and ready.

To use a long-legendary gaming cliché - a new era is coming. We'll leave you now in the hope that you're in good health, and will have a very happy advent and Christmas. Gamer's Guide to Life will be back in late December 2009, or the New Year.


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- Linford Butler

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