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Brutal Legend for PS3, 360 will cause deafness this "Roctober"
by Greg Mengel
Watching the second Developer's Commentary video from our friends over at GameTrailers, it's hard to imagine that Brutal Legend - the upcoming heavy metal themed, ass-kicking, speaker-destroying action-adventure title from Double Fine Productions - was almost buried by its first company, Activision, as one of the many casualties enduring by the gaming world during that emotional and frightening saga now known as the Activision/Blizzard merger of 2007.

The fact that the game still exists, and in what looks like a comedically pristine form, no less, is a testament that there are Gods of Rock in this world ...and Jack Black is their prophet.

Hit up the video below. It's 22 minutes long, so grab a coke or something. It's worth it. ...the video, not the coke. Maybe both.




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- Greg Mengel

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