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Follow GGTL with the Mass Effect 3 diaries
by Andrew Whipple III

Mass Effect 3's release is imminent and with it a cascade of unmanageable reviews from every site in the known universe. Suppose you're interested in something more specialized than just a standard review though. Suppose you could read about all of our exploits, thoughts and opinions while traversing the final installment to BioWare's epic trilogy. Interested? Welcome to our new, exclusive feature on GGTL - the Mass Effect 3 diaries.

Over the course of the next week or so, I will be playing through Mass Effect 3 in its entirety as well as jumping into the multiplayer experience. During this time I will be making posts detailing my play-through, talking about the changes BioWare has made and overall giving you an up to date opinion of how I feel about the game. All of this, of course, will lead directly into the official review but this is your chance to interact with us while we're playing through a game we actually intend to review!

Why are we doing this? We thought giving you all the opportunity to discuss with us your opinions about the title as well as sharing ours would give a unique twist on the inevitable review. We also felt that if you're on the fence about purchasing the title, then this would give you inside information that would be rather hard to get out of a standard review. Also note that we will try and keep these diaries spoiler free, but if there is in fact something potentially harmful to disclose, we will warn you.

All you need to do is revisit the site every other day and we'll have some juicy information, lists and critiques you can't find anywhere else. We welcome your discussion and questions about the game in the comments and thank you for sticking with us!

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- Andrew Whipple III

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