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GGTL Live presents: Mass Effect 3 demo livestream
by Andrew Whipple III

It's only a matter of weeks now until we get our hands on the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy, and that time isn't approaching fast enough.

Fortunately for our own sake, BioWare has blessed us with a demo of Mass Effect 3 today, which you should go and download right now. However, maybe between your last minute Valentine's Day shopping and your busy schedule you aren't going to find time to immerse yourself in a simple taste of what's to come; that's where we come in.

Join us on Wednesday, 15th February at 8pm EST for the livestream in North America via our channel.

Just like our Diablo III livestream, though, we haven't forgotten about our main folks over in the UK! Your livestream will be at 6pm GMT on Friday, 17th February

Commentary will be provided by yours truly, and Linford Butler will join in on the action on Friday's stream. Get ready for some dead aliens, because... well, that's just what I do.

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- Andrew Whipple III

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