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Skyrim LIVE: Join us here from 11:30pm EST to watch Skyrim played live
by Linford Butler

To celebrate the release of the long-awaited latest iteration in the Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim, GGTL LIVE presents the whole of the first hour of the game with Andrew Whipple.

Join us here from 11:30pm EST to watch the very first hour of Skyrim, streamed live. If you haven't yet managed to get your hands on a copy, can't afford it until the month's wage slip is due or just want to see how another person makes all the decisions and deliberations that make each player's journey through Skyrim so unique, make sure to check back here just before the start of the stream to join in with all the fun.

We hope you enjoy it.

Skyrim LIVE: the stream

We'll be streaming live at 11:30pm EST. Translated into your local language, here are the times for where you might live:

United Kingdom: 04:30am GMT, Saturday 12th November
Central USA: 10:30pm CST, Friday 11th November
Eastern USA: 11:30pm EST, Friday 11th November
Pacific USA: 09:30pm PST, Friday 11th November
Midwestern USA: 10:30pm MST, Friday 11th November
Western Australia: 12:30pm AWST, Saturday 12th November
Central Australia: 02:00pm ACST, Saturday 12th November
Eastern Australia: 02:30pm AEST, Saturday 12th November
Central Europe: 05:30am CET, Saturday 12th November

We can't guarantee that there won't be spoilers, and nor can we guarantee that there won't be content unsuitable for minors. Skyrim carries a PEGI 18+ certificate in Europe, an ESRB Mature (17+) certificate in the United States of America, and a ACB MA15+ certificate in Australia, so those under the age the game carries in their region should seek parental permission to view our livestream.

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- Linford Butler

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