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Exclusive video: sixteen-minute Bodycount presentation
by Ben Storey

Codemasters were kind enough to invite Gamer's Guide to to an exclusive Bodycount presentation in the heart of London last week. Our very own Ben Storey was able to record the presentation, given by Max Cant, explaining what Bodycount is all about. Mainly, shooting things.

The entire 16 minutes is below. Alongside Max giving a detailed description of the game, and walking views through the action, there are explosions and blood galore on-screen in 720p, as the player makes his way through a soaking wet east-Asia during the 14th mission of the game. You can also catch glimpses of weapon selection, get more info on classes and their abilities, and see some brutal shotgun action.

Bodycount is set for European release on 26th August, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check back for more Bodycount videos throughout the day.

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- Ben Storey

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