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Recap: San Diego Comic-Con 2011
by Joey Núñez

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con - also known as 'Wonderland', to all of us comic geeks out there - has come to a close. We're left in the prime-coloured and super-powered aftermath, and it is glorious. Over the years the San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC, has evolved into more than a simple nerdy comic book convention. It's morphed into a multi-headed beast; more than just comics are discussed in the halls of this massive event, with panels on everything from movies to video games.

This year the amount of videogame news coming out of SDCC was in no short supply, so trying to sum it all up would be foolish. However, taking a look at the latest news regarding the biggest licensed games based on comic books is actually quite doable. So sit back, grab your controllers and put on your capes and tights; here is what the newest videogame/comic-book unholy hybrids have in store for you.

1: X-Men Destiny

Some of my fondest PS2 memories were had with the X-Men Legends games, insanely fun action-RPGs starring Marvel’s Merry Mutants. So, I was pretty excited when X-Men Destiny - a new title which seems to share a few traits with the Legends games - was announced a few months ago. In the game, you choose to play as one of three characters, all of which are mutants who have just discovered their powers. Through the magical power of choice you must decide whether your destiny lies with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Magneto, or with the X-Men and their leader, Cyclops.

Although Activision is still keeping pretty tight-lipped about the game, Comic-Con did bring with it some new video footage for the game and a spanking new trailer (which you can see above). Also, we now have an official release date. The game will hit shelves on 27th September, 2011.

2: DC Universe Online

I must admit that I am not very big on MMO-RPGs. The whole idea of playing in a massive space occupied by thousands of other players is simply quite daunting. However, as a professed comic geek, even I was intrigued with the possibility of flying around as a hero of my own creation in a world populated by DC Comics most fabled heroes and villains. Ultimately, reviews for DC Universe Online have been mixed, and I'm yet to give the game a shot, but some interesting news coming out of Comic-Con may at least make Green Lantern fans give this game a chance.

A new DLC pack has been announced for DCUO, entitled 'Fight for the Light'. The DLC, like its predecessors, will give DCUO players access to a new set of missions, following an original storyline involving Green Lantern and his yellow-bellied arch-nemesis Siniestro. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the DLC is the new power sets it offers, featuring the one and only power rings. Downloaders will be able to choose to either align themselves with the Yellow Lantern Corps or the Green Lantern Corps, and each side will have access to twelve diverse power constructs. Power constructs are both shiny and awesome, so this is a definite win.

3: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Last week I gave my fanboy mind free reign and presented you guys with my ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom DLC character wishlist. Just a few short hours later, the big MvC3 announcement was revealed and although most of my geeky dreams were shattered - not a single Marvel female, seriously? - I am genuinely excited for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

In typical Capcom fashion, the company has decided to release a tweaked and improved version of their recent title, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. With the 'Ultimate' moniker now added to the title, the new version will bring with it refinements to the fighting system, some flashy new visuals here and there, and - most importantly of all - the addition of twelve new characters.

Four characters were officially announced: Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Firebrand and Strider. However, an apparent leak on Capcom’s official media site has apparently revealed all the new characters. Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Strange, Nova and Iron Fist will all join the Marvel roster, alongside Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Frank West and Vergil.

If this ends up being the official roster then I will eventually be able to play with at least two of my dream-team wish list. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

4: Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum will probably always be remembered as the game that redefined what a 'comic book game' was capable of. As soon as the game’s sequel, Arkham City, was announced, fans' expectations have been understandably high. So far, it doesn’t look like those expectations will be met.

It looks like they will be surpassed.

Every single tidbit of information which Rocksteady has released has just raised the anticipation for the game, and has left all of us fans salivating at the mouth. The developers came into SDCC all guns blazing, and threw rabid fans not one, but two bones simply swimming in awesome sauce. The first was the incredible new trailer featuring The Penguin, and the gargantuan – and unexpected – Solomon Grundy. The second was the knowledge that Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) won’t be the only femme fatale prowling the streets of Arkham City. Come October 18th, everyone’s favourite female feline will have to compete with the one and only Talia al Ghul for the Dark Knight’s affection.

Gimme the damn game, already.

5: Oh, and also...

  • Pinball fans will be happy to know that Marvel Pinball - the somewhat addictive and extremely fun Marvel themed pinball game, currently exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 - will be making a massive multi-platform jump. It's set to ping its way over to the Wii U, PlayStation Vita, 3DS, Apple's iOS, Google Android OS and PC. Also, keep a lookout for a new expansion pack, coming to a console near you this winter.
  • Spidey enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that all the game time poured into Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions will earn you some sweet new threads in the new Spiderman: Edge of Time game. Beenox announced that gamers with a Shattered Dimensions save file will be granted access to ten bonus costumes in Edge of Time.
  • An Uncharted comic book is coming. Yes, please.

What Comic-Con news got you all hot and bothered? Are you craving more news on any of the games featured above? Don't be shy, people; sound off below!

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- Joey Núñez

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