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Hey, look! It's the GLADoS Bunny!
by Jacques Hulme

Easter break is here. Portal 2 is here. In the words of our robot queen, GLADoS, when one applies the math they come up with only one result: Portal 2 Easter Eggs. I should warn you now, there are some big spoilers in this post and so if you've not had the chance to play through yet, I recommend holding back.

So, on with the show.

1: P-Body cruising round the testing labs.

One of the biggest draws to Portal 2 for fans was the inclusion of a cooperative mode wherein you and a friend are placed in the shoes of two robots, Atlas & P-Body, and are tasked with replacing human beings for testing purposes. There is little reference to these robots in the single player campaign, but if you look carefully you can see on of them in another testing lab.

2: Chell's science project

If you have played through the original Portal then you may have heard GLADoS talk about a 'Bring your daughter to work day'. In the above post you can see the results of part of that day, and at the end you can even see one of the projects was done by a girl called Chell. A coincidence?

3: The ship of dreams

First mentioned all the way back in Half Life 2: Episode 2, The Borialis research ship is supposedly part of the setting for the next game in the Half Life series. Up until Portal 2, little was known of this legend but now we can actually see the dry dock where the mighty vessel used to sit. This is also one of the biggest connections between the 2 series', Portal and Half Life.

4: Set a trap, it's the Ratman

The elusive being known as Ratman who appeared in the original Portal seems to have actually managed to escape from the elaborate traps placed by GLADoS. He appears again in he sequel, and several of his 'dens' can be found by exploring remote areas in test chambers. These nests often include empty cans of beans and crazy drawings on the walls. Interestingly, taking a radio and placing it in a certain den will produce a strange message which can be decoded to reveal the image below.

So there are a few of the Portal 2 Easter Eggs that have been found so far. With Valve's penchant for teasing the fanboys in all of us, and with Half Life 3 on the horizon, I wouldn't doubt it if we saw a few dozen more in the future.

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- Jacques Hulme

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