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Your chance to interview the RAGE dev team!
by Chris Hawke

Firstly, an apology. I know, I know; opening on a sombre note, right? Well, remember our Fallout: New Vegas community interview? It's been a few months since we've heard anything back, and that's because the development team have been really super busy making the game as awesome as possible. Since Gamescom's almost over, we're hoping to get them back in the coming fortnight, but we apologise for taking so long. We'll try our hardest to get these RAGE answers back as soon as possible!

Man, that was a downer. But get ready to put your EPIC HAPPY FACE ON, because Gamer's Guide to is once again giving you, the loving public, the chance to have your questions answered by the RAGE dev team! It's so rad, it deserves CAPITAL LETTERS EVERYWHERE, and AT LEAST two exclamation marks!!

Details after the jump.

You can ask just about anything, from the use of MegaTextures to the reason behind the surprisingly blue sky in id Software's upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS. Go as in-depth as you want in your interrogation, and make sure you really ask the things most on your mind.

How do you get involved in this wonderful exercise in democracy? Easy...

Pop it in the comments section
Possibly the easiest way to ask your question from this page is via the comments system. You can login using your Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo account, or can comment as a guest too. It's so quick, even a turtle can do it! Well, a turtle with fingers and a basic grasp of English...

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Use something called an... email?
If you're not a fan of comments systems or social networking, you're in luck. Scientists from Area 51 have just invented something called an 'email', so you can send us a question through the ether! What next? A 140 character limit on those messages?! Send your question to and we'll do our best to include it.

With over three-hundred questions asked last time, we can't get every single one in there, but we do try and squeeze in as many as possible, so don't hesitate to try it out. We'll stop taking questions late on Wednesday 25th.

What are you waiting for? Get to it! To make sure you don't miss out on the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas answers, the not-too-distant RAGE answers, or any other community-driven interviews we're doing (there are loads in the pipeline, we assure you), follow our Twitter. Oh, and don't forget that our sister-site, SystemLink, is hiring. Because for every shameless plug we do, a baby seal is set free. Aww.

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- Chris Hawke

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