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Iceman set to freeze over the baddies in Ultimate Alliance 2
by Joey Núñez

The final playable character in the Marvel Ultimate Allliance 2 roster has been announced, and X-Men fans are sure to appreciate the addition. It's the one and only Bobby Drake, better known to the world at large as Iceman.

A founding member of the original X-Men, Iceman has featured prominently in both the previous Ultimate Alliance, as well as in the X-Men Legends games, so his addition to MUA2 is hardly a surprise, but it sure is good news.

With this last addition, the initial roster (new characters are sure to turn up as DLC sooner or later) stands as follows:
Captain America
Green Goblin
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
Iron Fist
Iron Man
Jean Grey
Luke Cage
Mister Fantastic
Ms. Marvel
Juggernaut (available as a pre-order bonus at and Gamestop)
With the full roster announced, there's just one thing left to decide true believers - what side will you fight for? You have until September 15th* to decide. Excelsior!


*U.S. release date. Europe is set for a Q3 2009 release.

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- Joey Núñez

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