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Starcraft II pushed back to 2010, South Korean population in shock
by Greg Mengel

When Starcraft II finally hits shelves, players will find a new, more modern attached to it than the one we came to know back in days of yore. It will be so shiny, in fact, that its ongoing development has pushed back the release date of the game into 2010. Bittersweet news for millions of nerds across the globe.

In a recent statement, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime addressed just how different the new service will be. "Our vision for is ambitious - we view the next generation of it as crucial to the future of our company." CEO Bobby Kotick added that the new will look and feel "similar to XBOX Live," and that it will be "an investment in the future of gaming."

That sounds great, Bob. Super. Tremendous. Super f**king tremendous. But Starcraft II... pushed back... a year... a whole year...

*sigh* ...damn you, God.

Well, time to pass a year the old-fashioned way: getting drunk and rebeating Super Mario World seventy-something times. How will you pass the time?


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- Greg Mengel

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