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Ms. Marvel is back for Ultimate Alliance 2
by Joey Núñez

It's official: Ms. Marvel will be back to fight the good fight in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Activision has announced that the superpowered female powerhouse will be a playable character in the upcoming title, set to hit stores on September 15th.

Even though Ms. Marvel has been around since the 1960's, the character has just recently seen in a new surge in her popularity, due to prominent roles in epic story arcs such as "House of M" and "Civil War", not to mention a top spot in Marvel's ever popular Avengers team.

In the original game Ms. Marvel proved to be a balanced character, with the ability to fly, super strength and painful energy blasts all working in her favor. With all of those features being amped up for the sequel, plus a graphical overhaul promising to make her...uhm... revealing costume, even more, well, revealing, she's sure to be a favorite with the fans.

With this new character addition, there is only one slot left open in the character section of the games official page. Once the full roster is revealed we'll let you dedicated readers know exactly which of your favorite marvel characters will be invading your console of choice in September.

Excelsior True Believers!


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- Joey Núñez

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