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Just Cause 2 Name-A-General
by Jacques Hulme

I love a free roaming game. There's quite a few out there at the moment: GTA, Mercenaries, Crackdown - all of them offer a slightly different take on the formula. GTA for example, is all about bing able to stick up a finger to the cops, whereas Mercenaries is all about how much destruction you can cause with one nuclear bunker buster.

Yet another take on the genre comes in the form of the Just Cause series. It takes from almost every other type of free roamer. The insane stuns from Crackdown and destruction from Mercs, mixed together in one big pot of manic action. The first game was rather successful... bar a few problems. One of which was the vast amount of unpopulated land you had to travrse.

The sequel is way into development and is heading to PC, Xbox and PS3 at the start of 2010. So far, is shaping up pretty well using the Avalanche Engine 2. And Avalanche have decided to put their fans into the game.

A current competition is running on the viral site for Just Cause 2. All you have to do is fill in the form and one of the 5 generals could take your name in game. Yes that right, people could be getting commanded by YOU! Or at least a virtual character with your name.

Heres a link
to the site. Its about half way down the page. Good Luck!


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- Jacques Hulme

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