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EA's Dead Space to be feature film, others to follow
by Chuck Pierce

It seems Hollywood is continuing to tap into any resources that they can to make movies. Continuting with the current theme for game to film ports, the sci-fi/horror game "Dead Space", a hit for Electronic Arts back in 2008, has been slated for the big screen in the future.

According to Variety, EA will produce the film with Temple Hill partners Mary Bowmen and Wyck Godfrey. They have been looking at prospective screenwriters for the film and once they set a writer they will auction the property to studios.

The producers have also picked director D.J. Caruso to take on the project. Caruso is known for his work with movies such as "Eagle Eye" and "Disturbia" (as well as the excellent movie "The Salton Sea"). This will be his first experience with the sci-fi genre, yet I reckon his experience with horror/thriller topics will be perfect for the EA game.

Although Dead Space is not the only game that is in the works. EA has four more titles that may become feature films in the next few years. Universal is taking on two action titles, "Dante's Inferno" and "Army of Two", and the critically acclaimed action RPG "Mass Effect" might see the big screen alongside our favorite life-simulation game "The Sims".

Temple Hill partners Bowmen and Godfrey are also producing one of the most anticipated video game movies "Gears of War" with New Line Cinema. The movie is still reported to be in pre-production.


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- Chuck Pierce

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