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Rumour: Wii to get a makeover
by Linford Butler

According to the Nintendo rumour mill, the popular Wii console is set to launch in two new, exciting colours this November.

Prototypes of the console in a variety of colours have already been shown, but the latest info leak reckons that we'll get the black and white Wii shells from day one, with more coming after the initial release.

Two possible release dates for the new shells are circulating on the net, with some fan sites citing 2nd November as the release date, whilst others are saying the 12th is the day to skive on.

Estimates at the price have been consistent, with the general consensus at around £150, or $229 for our readers across the pond.

If all this Ninty excitement isn't enough to have you wetting yourself, games site Spong thinks that there might be a handheld GameCube in the works as well. It seems that IBM has been hard at work creating a scaled down Wii processor to fit into the handheld.

We'll have to wait and see what Nintendo have in store for us.


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- Linford Butler

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