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Geeky But Cool: Retro PS3 Games
by Linford Butler

Remember when you were young and the only games out there were little black and white things with a moving snake? Well, now you can play two much loved classics on your £400 console, using one of the PS3's more low-key features.

BD-J, or Blu-Ray Disk Java for those who didn't know, is a handy bit of tech which allows your PS3 to play bonus content back from a form of remote storage (whether that be a Blu-Ray Disk or a USB Drive).

A mysterious programmer, known only as Dragula96, has created some fantastic renditions of the old favourites Snake and Pong to be played back on your PS3.

The Snake game works very much the same way as the original - collect the food without hitting the walls, and everything's hunky dory.

Pong is also true to the original, but written for two players as well as just one, so you can play with a friend, should the next-gen graphics of MGS4 become too much for you.

They're simple to install, too - download the .rar file, unzip it using a client such as WinRAR, copy the AVCHD folder to a USB drive, Memory Stick, SD Card or whatever you like, and then browse to where the folder is under 'Video' on the XMB menu.

You can find the download links below.


Windows users: Right click > Save Target As...

PS3 Snake (RAR archive, 362kb)

PS3 Pong (RAR archive, 80kb)

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- Linford Butler

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