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E3 Keynote Summary: EA
by Unknown

Sim Animals
-Seems like a cartoony take on the franchise
-Coming to DS and Wii

The Sims 3
-Life-like dynamic people/towns that change depending on how you play
-Lots of Sims on screen at once, great character models
-Coming 2009

Dead Space
-Looks nice, with loads of empty space on the screen - no clutter.
- No gravity looks awesome, as do the monsters
-Coming to PS3, 360 and PC on October 21st

Mirror's Edge
-Looks great, very colourful, but still really clean
-Objects turn red to help players through levels
-You can slow time down, disarm people, and the game will have puzzle elements
-Looks really epic

EA Online
-Nucleus system ties in all EA games into one account online
-Microtransactions will be used more by EA :(
-New community tracking webpage called Rupture talked about

Dragon Age: Origins
-A lot like Baldur's Gate
-Can choose to be good or evil

Left 4 Dead
-FPS Co-op horror game
-EA wants the game to be a mix between Half Life and Counter Strike, but to have learnt lessons from Team Fortress 2
-Great AI system that changes depending on how you play
-Comes out on November 4th for 360/PC

-New FPS game from Id software (who have just joined EA). Id software have made previous Doom games
-Desert setting
-More will be shown at QuakeCon

Overall: Looks like a strong PC line-up for EA. Highlights have to be Mirror's Edge, Left 4 Dead and Dead space though.


[Summarised from Kotaku]

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