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Blizzard Worldwide Invitational
by Gr1mmy
[Update: It was Diablo III - Source]

Blizzard is holding the annual Worldwide Invitational this weekend in Paris, and they have said to the fans that they will be announcing something big during the weekend.

Fans are speculating that this has something to do with the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, others think it has something to do with StarCraft 2. However, the thing people are saying most is that they think Blizzard will announce the third Diablo game.

If you go to Blizzard’s home page, you will see a screen with this picture on it:

This is the latest picture that has been changing in the past week. If you look closer at the picture you can see that it has 4 runes in each corner. Three of the runes have been identified by fans. The top left rune is a Protoss symbol from StarCraft. The far left rune has been identified as a Frostmourne rune or a Shael rune depending on who you ask. The upper right symbol has been identified as a Hel rune from Diablo 2. The 4th rune is just a symbol of some kind of solar system. There is also a pair of eyes in the middle of the picture people are saying this is either the Lich King or Diablo.

Another hint at Diablo 3 comes from the artwork for WWI (Pictured below). The fire coming from the hand of Diablo looks a lot like a number 3 which could be a hidden clue from Blizzard as to a possible sequel.
My opinion on the whole thing is that there will be relatively big news on all 3 of Blizzard’s games. Maybe a more official window of release for WOW: WOTLK or some more details of the progress of StarCraft 2 and also the announcement of Diablo 3.

I will keep you all informed on all the news over the weekend.


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- Gr1mmy

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