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E3 2012: IndieCade interview with Stephanie Barish
by Andrew Whipple III

Indie games are an important part of the industry, whether you like or not. Titles like Braid, Limbo and Fez all started as an obscure indie title and blew up from there, due to some help brought forth by IndieCade.

Having literally started off in a living-room and now being a veteran of E3 for six years, IndieCade's involvement in the gaming industry cannot be undervalued, but don't let me tell you that - CEO Stephanie Barish will probably make more sense.

Stephanie Barish interview

While we didn't get to see every indie game on the floor, our friends over at Arcen Games participated in the event, showcasing A Valley Without Wind. Other titles like Analogue: A Hate Story and the incredibly fun Binding of Isaac were also present, making it hard to leave to see other games when you just want to go a little further...

Indie games are a passion of mine (you should see the amount I have on Steam) and witnessing a gathering like this of all kinds of indie titles warms my soul. If it strikes you just the same then make sure you're in Culver City, CA October 4 - 7 to catch everything indie!

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- Andrew Whipple III

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