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PAX East 2012: Shoot Many Robots interview
by Andrew Whipple III

Time spent shooting robots, as far as we're concerned, is time spent well.

Having been released for a while via XBLA and PSN, the loot-driven, co-operative arcade shooter, Shoot Many Robots finally made its transition to the PC and it's all the better for it. Speaking to Demiurge Studios about the game, they explain to us why the feedback it's been getting and their fans are so important.

Demiurge Studios interview

If you're anything like me, you have an extreme weakness to any kind of arcade title. Shoot Many Robots is a hybrid of classic favorites like Contra and Metal Slug with some contemporary influences from games like Borderlands. Sound bizarre? Once you dive in, it all comes together nicely (or in this case apart) as you literally wade through a cascade of robots who care only to end you. Stick local co-op play in and a four-player online component and you immediately have a winning formula.

Loot does play a big part in Shoot Many Robots. As you progress you'll earn different weapons by either purchasing them in the shop or grabbing them off of the robots you've just recently obliterated. Yes, there are a variation in rarities, which is where that Borderlands influence comes in. My favorite part of the game though lies in the random encounters. The mission structure for the game works well, but while you're out there wasting toasters you can encounter giant robots and other boss-like abominations at random. Imagine introducing the game to your buddy and then BAM, in drops a mega robot. That's awesome.

The fairy wings totally make this picture.

As cool as the game actually is, the real standout point at PAX was listening to Demiurge stress the importance of feedback from fans and critics alike. Josh from Demiurge made it clear that their studio wasn't solely focused on bringing the game to the PC because they wanted to. As a matter of fact, Josh revitalized my enthusiasm for smaller developers when he spoke about the mixed reviews the game received. The main reason for the critical views was because of the control scheme lacking the typical dual-stick shooter approach. The original scheme actually works fine, but Demiurge took the critiques seriously and listened to fan feedback. From that spawned the PC version and the dual-stick shooter scheme so many people wanted.

It's not often you get to see a developer admit there are issues and then combat them directly. Shoot Many Robots was already a very fun game, but Demiurge just enhanced it further. Do yourself a favor and check the game out. You can now find the game for $9.99 on Steam, XBLA and the PSN.

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- Andrew Whipple III

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