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GGTL Live presents: A Valley Without Wind livestream, interview and giveaway
by Andrew Whipple III

Are you an advocate for Metroidvania-esque games? Have you been wondering when the next great game in this mighty genre will turn up?

Speak no more, for Arcen Game's A Valley Without Wind has surfaced and they want you to behold the glory that is the multi-role sidescroller. Join us and Erik Johnson of Arcen Games this Saturday as we stream and answer questions about the game. Oh, and if we like you enough, we do have a bunch of keys to give away that'll net you the game.

Released on Monday, April 23rd A Valley Without Wind is Arcen Game's take on the sidescrolling adventure genre both Metroid and Castlevania were known for. If you missed some of our PAX East coverage, check it out here. However, AVWW completely turns the genre on its head by generating the map procedurally. That's right, instead of being forced to complete objectives in a certain style, AVWW gives you multiple pathways to do just about anything. Think we're kidding? Be there Saturday, April 28th at 12pm EST / 9am PST / 5pm BST for an hour long session with one of the dudes who helped create the game!

We'll be playing through different bits of the game and talking about development as well as the game itself. We encourage questions and will showcase anything you guys want to see. Show up for the event and you'll even have a chance to win the game outright. We have multiple Steam codes to give out! We'll see you there.

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- Andrew Whipple III

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