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GGTL Live presents: Tribes: Ascend livestream
by Andrew Whipple III

Doing anything interesting tomorrow? We didn't think so. How does watching a cascade of high-tech bodies clash together in perpetual war sound? Better. What if I told you each person has a jet-pack? Insane, I know. How about one better than that? Those watching can receive a free 250 gold promotional boost. Are you in now?

There's first-person shooters and then there's Tribes. Having quite the legacy behind it, Hi-Rez Studios has done a hell of a job making this Tribes game the definitive title in the beloved franchise. Completely free to play, Tribes: Ascend is as chaotic as it is inventive. When have you played a class-based FPS that makes universal strategic use of jet-packs? Better yet, when have you played a FPS that uses movement as a tool for victory? With the exception of Tribes, you probably haven't.

Depending on your jet-packing skills, you can 'ski' your way into ridiculous bursts of speed to either escape a confrontation or, perhaps, chase down that nasty dude who stole your flag. We're probably that guy with the flag. Anyway, join Andrew Whipple III and a special guest commentating on his horrible decisions. Expect to see a lot of action in this livestream, so be there at 8PM EST / 5PM PST on our Twitch TV channel! Remember, we'll be giving away codes that net you a solid 250 gold, the currency of the game.

Watch live video from Gamer's Guide to on

Communicate with us, ask some questions and have a great time. We'll see you there!

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- Andrew Whipple III

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