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GGTL Live presents: TERA open beta giveaway
by Andrew Whipple III

This weekend marks the final open beta event before TERA, the fantasy driven MMO from En Masse Entertainment, hits physical and digital shelves everywhere.

Have you been looking to take the game for a test drive before you make that frivolous MMO commitment? Stick around then for tonight we dive into the TERA open beta and if you're watching you could win one of six codes that not only give you immediate beta access, but also come with the PAX exclusive Regal Frostlion mount.

Since we last showed off TERA in a previous livestream event, there's been a slew of changes all across the board. We don't have forty thousand pages available here, but you can check them all out on the official TERA website of course. Now, onto the livestream.

The official open beta begins today at 12PM PST / 3PM EST but our livestream won't begin until 11:59PM EST tonight. I'll be present to answer any questions and, if you're nice, you may command me to do anything you want to see in the game. I am at your disposal. Throughout the night we'll also be rolling out those six special codes so make sure you show up right on time!

Watch live video from Gamer's Guide to on

May 1st is right around the corner for En Masse Entertainment and we wish them luck on their launch of the game.

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- Andrew Whipple III

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