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GGTL Live presents: Diablo III beta livestream
by Andrew Whipple III

While it's been out for a while now, it's pretty tough to get sick of seeing more of the Diablo III beta. To celebrate this ravenous hunger, we at GGTL are committing to a live stream of the beta (with commentary of course) for both the USA and UK this week. New to the series? Have questions? Just want to see the game in action? Well friends, stay a while and listen.

We will be broadcasting via Twitch TV and will begin the stream for the USA at 8pm EST on Thursday (2am GMT).

If after that you haven't had enough, we will then be broadcasting at 6pm GMT (12pm EST) on Friday for the UK. Please bring any questions you have and we will field them during the play session! Fortunately I have the dignified glory in hosting this event so get ready for extremely lame jokes along with relentless demon killing.

Thanks in advance for coming to this most prestigious event. Be back here on Thursday at 8pm EST for the start of the festivities and all the goodness you simply can't get anywhere else!

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- Andrew Whipple III

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