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Analysis: Resistance 3 reveal trailer - The Fall of Man in Missouri
by Chris Hawke

Welcome, one and all, to yet another in-depth analysis from the Gamer's Guide to eagle-eyed workers! Following on from our Assassin's Creed 3 close-up, we're back with more pictures and explanatory detective work than you can shake a Chimeran stick at. We're sorry if the page loads slowly, and remember that you can view the pictures in full-res glory by right clicking and pressing 'view image' or similar. Take your seats, get the popcorn, and start booting up your inner-nerd: we're going in...

The trailer, which you can see here, starts with an unknown man jumping onto a moving train. There are five other people in there, and it's pretty clear these guys are the resistance - no army, no special forces, just a bunch of people wanting their home back.

We close up on them as they nervously fiddle with amulets and look a bit grumpy. Here's where it all kicks off. After various long shots of the American countryside (ohh, isn't it nice?), we see two spiders. The first is the horrible little creature you and I kill in the bathroom every so often, but the second is much more evil.

In case it hasn't hit home - we lost. The Chimera won, and have control over parts, or even the whole, of America. To makes things even more clear...

In the centre, you can see a rather large, hulking beast roaming the lands. Humankind just got pwned. This shot also hides a secret - you should just be able to make out a red nuclear sign, probably saying 'Warning' or the like. Did the US nuke their own soil? Do the aliens have WMDs?

But enough of that - there's some dead guys to look at - there's one just in front of that truck. Ouch...

And here's the big find...

Not only do you see a poster for New York, seemingly the games setting, but look just to the left of that - it's an image of an arch...

You can see the real thing just before the tunnel - what is it? We believe it's called the Gateway Arch - and it's in St. Louis, Missouri. So, why is the train in the mid-east of the USA if the game is set in New York? We have no idea. This group of resistance fighters aren't the main characters, remember, so we could just be seeing parts of the US that are 'worst hit'.

Want more info? Well, we managed to track down the exact line the train goes in to. The railroad going through the park, parallel to the Gateway Arch, is the TRRA Railroad, a part of the Union Pacific Railroad, which stretches from Chicago, Illinois (a playable area in Resistance 2) to the Pacific coast. The tunnel underneath the memorial steps is the Arch Grounds Rail Tunnel #2, built 1963 (same time that the Arch started construction) - we think either this, or the Arch Ground Rail Tunnel #3, is the tunnel you see in the image.

We're also noting that the arch began construction in 1963, and judging that it doesn't seem fully built in the image, and with construction ending 1965, the game must take place within that time window. It means we're looking at sequel to Resistance 2, which was set in the 1950s, not a prequel.

Now, the shooting starts. For being so good, here's a nice shot of a Chimera getting plugged:

And another cool snap of Craig The Chimera with lockjaw. Poor fella:

You can also see that the aliens still wear the heat packs that stop their bodies burning up:

And, finally, the title. It's seen from the point-of-view of the man we saw getting on the train at the start - he's been hurt, and he looks up at the wall of the train, before blacking out. You can clearly make out the Statue Of Liberty and Empire State Building inside the logo's letters, following the same trend of using landmarks of the game's setting in the logo as the previous two games.

So, that's it folks! If you see anything else, stick it in the comments, and don't forget to follow our Twitter. Oh, and if you want to join in with the Gamer's Guide to Life Network, we're hiring! See? It's always time for a shameless plug...

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- Chris Hawke

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