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Competition: Win access to the Frozen Synapse closed beta
by Linford Butler

When Chris did his beta impressions of Mode7Games' Frozen Synapse, not one of our team thought it would get the uber-positive feature which it did. Perhaps it was the irrational stereotype that indie games will never be that good. Perhaps it was our low expectations of turn-based RTS games. Whatever it may have been, Chris was evidently blown away by Frozen Synapse and, after playing it myself, I was simply astounded myself.

Being games journalists, we have the handy yet enviable skill of wrangling access to closed betas for almost any game which takes our fancy. It certainly isn't democracy. So, we decided to try and give the people some taste of the sorts of benefits we enjoy. Teaming up with Mode7Games, we devised an idea - the most daring, dastardly, wonderful idea in the whole world. We called it: a competition.

Okay, prelude over. Simply put, courtesy of the lovely chaps and chapettes at Mode7, we have not one, but four beta access keys to the "small slice of gaming heaven" which is Frozen Synapse on Windows PCs. Entry couldn't be easier, either. Just follow the instructions below for a chance to win.

Step #1: Follow us on Twitter
If you're not on Twitter yet, then I beg this of you: why not? It's the new Facebook. Either way, ignoring my evident social networking preference, there are many benefits to Twitter. For one, you get to take part in competitions like this one. Follow us at @ggtl for a chance to win.

Step #2: Retweet the following message
If you're new to retweeting, it's essentially the social networking version of saying precisely what someone else says straight after they've said it. Irritating in real life yet a vital part of the Twitter ecosystem. For a chance of winning, retweet this message:

I'm in with a chance of winning a Frozen Synapse beta key from @ggtl. Are you? RT and follow @ggtl to win!

Step #3: Get your entry in before the closing date
Make sure to get your entry submitted by following on Twitter and retweeting the message by 6:00pm BST on Monday, 12th July, 2010. Entries made after the closing time will not be counted.

The best of luck to each and every one of you - we look forward to meeting you on the Frozen Synapse battlefield and humiliating you with our evidently superior skills.

Erm... did I say that out loud?

Terms and Conditions
Entries must be made before 6:00pm BST on Monday 12th July 2010 to be counted. Entries made after that closing time will not be eligible to win. Four winners will be chosen at random of all those entrants who meet the eligibility restrictions, and will recieve their beta key via DM on Twitter. To be eligible, entrants must both follow the Gamer's Guide to Twitter account (@ggtl) and retweet the listed message. Multiple entries will not be counted. Gamer's Guide to reserve the right to choose a different winner for any one of the beta keys if we believe the original winner is unsuitable for the key, and we are not obliged to explain any such decision.

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- Linford Butler

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