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What will the next Grand Theft Auto IV DLC be?
by Chris Hawke

So, you've most definitely driven, flown and shot your way though the gritty streets of Liberty City as Niko Bellic. And, chances are, you've done your fair share of riding down the highway with the Lost in tow, blowing a lot of shiny things up for a man named Gay Tony. That's enough Grand Theft Auto IV for most people. But not us. We're really hungry. Hungry for more sights and storylines in the most crime-ridden city in video games. So, we've compiled a lovely neat list of possible settings for a hypothetical third piece of GTA IV DLC. Enjoy!

Keeping It Kosher

Niko was at the diamond sale that went south. Johnny, star of Lost and Damned, was also there. And, would you believe it, so was Luis, of Ballad of Gay Tony fame. So, the only other group left unplayable are the Jews selling the diamonds.

We already know the older man who gets shot is called Mori. And, the man who runs away with the diamonds is called Issac. Astonishingly, for a game with so much murder, Issac only gets knocked out by Luis. Here's what we think; You play as Issac, a member of the Jewish faith who is caught up in the seedy crime underworld of Grand Theft Auto after a simple diamond sale goes wrong. Johnny Klebitz was Jewish, so there's a perfect chance for Rockstar to include some familiar faces, and we all know the developer doesn't shy away from the 'dangerous' areas - Issac must fight gangsters, police, and anti-Semitic bad dudes as he attempts to keep his faith... and his life.

The Tall Tail Of Little Jacob

Certain people seem to run Liberty City, and Niko, Johnny and Luis have met them all. However, one man and his crew seem to have been left out of the current DLC releases. Little Jacob, second in command to Real Badman, helps run the Hillside Posse, a group of drug dealers and Rastafarians. The Tall Tail Of Little Jacob would see the player taking the role of a member of the Hillside Posse, with drug running and minor crimes the order of the day. However, Little Jacob needs a few men to help him out with something big, and soon you're riding with the big boys (including Niko) in an attempt to fight off local gangs and rise to the top of Broker.


The Ballad of Gay Tony deals with the high and mighty nightclubs of Liberty City, but what about the poorer places scraping an income? Perestroika is the theatre in Hove Beach that Faustin owns, which the player can visit to see some dreadfully hilarious magic and cabaret.

In the self-titled DLC, you play as just another bodyguard for the place; however, Faustin tasks you with his 'special' jobs of assassinations and dealing with the opposition. You can manage the club by throwing the low-life out, and take part in the main missions of helping the performers with their acts and even organising 'Porn Idol', which is mentioned in passing in a Niko Bellic mission.

Hangman's NOOSE

We've only had a a tiny look at Liberty City's Finest when Niko helped out Francis McReary, and even then he was basically as bad as the criminals you also worked with. What GTA IV needs is the story told from the perspective of those getting mowed down by Niko, Johnny, Luis, and pretty much everyone else.

Hangman's NOOSE take place in the Liberty City Police Head Quarters as you and your small anti-drug unit organize and take down local drug operations, uncovering moles, rats and corruption in the force as you go. This DLC probably has the greatest scope of things to do; an updated 'Current Criminal Activity' mini-game has difficultly levels and 'boss-fights', and you can plan out massive 50-man raids on huge drug hideouts, much like Gang/Drug Wars in the previous games. Obviously, Niko pops up from levels like Snowstorm, and Armando and Henrique, Luis' best friends, will probably appear at some stage.

Alderney State Correctional Facility

Couldn't think of a catchy name for this DLC, which is basically an epic and much less confusing Prison Break. Amazingly, there hasn't been a prison break mission in all of Grand Theft Auto IV - it's just waiting to happen. Rockstar will work their magic in providing a charismatic inmate jailed for the wrong reasons, and the early part of the story takes place in the updated prison, where you can watch TV, fight other inmates or pump your guns to gain respect, before you and your two friends (one of whom, as ever, is really stupid) escape. The rest of the story then follows you as you try and stay out of prison, and stay alive, by helping the crime bosses of Liberty City.

The Six Families Of Liberty City

This is just perfect. Late on in GTA, Niko learns that there are six mafia families in Liberty City: The Pavano, Lupisella, Gambetti, Messina, Ancelotti, and Pegorino families. Now, aren't they just begging for a Soprano-style Mafia War? It's simple, really. You play as a member of one of these families in a quest to own the city entirely. Take part in Mafia Wars, back-stab other families, bribe the cops, and organize 'sit-downs' that, inevitably, go horribly wrong. All that while wearing a sharp suit and dark sunglasses.

Those are just six suggestions for possible third pieces of Grand Theft Auto IV DLC. Got another great idea, or thought of a good title for the 'prison one'? Add it to the comments and follow the Twitter.


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- Chris Hawke

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