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The best games sale in the history of the universe - what to get in the Steam Summer Sale
by Chris Hawke

Maybe Karl Marx was right. The world would suddenly realise its faults, causing a global communist revolution, overthrowing the autocrats and capitalists, creating a heaven where wealth has no value. And the people to start this rebellion? Valve.

The Steam Summer Sale is just stupid. It's ridiculous. Hundreds upon hundreds of PC games slashed in price; whole publisher packs reduced to a feeble two-figure sum; up to 95% off video games far and wide. If Valve ever file for bankruptcy, I think we'll all know why. Still, forget about economics; you got some games to buy. But with so many to choose, how can you find the best deals? Gamer's Guide to Life have scavenged the sandy Sahara of sales, searching for stunning prices on the greatest games around. Here are just a few to pick up on the cheap.

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena

WAS: £14.99, NOW: £5.09 (-66%)

You're getting two incredible games here. Butcher's Bay - one of the greatest stealth titles available - gives you the power of a God in your Ulaks as you slice and dice your way through prison. Dark Athena's alright too, 'suppose. But it's a fiver - who are you to complain?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat

WAS: £14.99, NOW: £10.04 (-33%)

Okay, so it's not a giant saving. But for a note and 4 coins, you're getting one of our all-time favorite games. Want horror? Check. Want a beautifully haunting setting? Check. Want brilliant, heart-stopping gameplay? Check. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is your one way ticket to an experience you'll never forget.

Tropico 3

WAS: £19.99, NOW: £6.79 (-66%) / DLC also £6.79, -66%

It you didn't pick up this addictive and charming build-'em-up when it was only £5 a few months ago, now is your chance to make up for lost time. The vivid colours and joyously catchy soundtrack stand out in a unique title that will last for months, especially when coupled with the cheap-as-chips DLC.

Penumbra: Black Plague

WAS: £12.99, NOW: £6.49 (-50%)

Immersive is a word thrown about a lot these days, but if you're looking for a game that truly grabs your attention and sucks you in to its world, pick up the oddly-titled Penumbra. The use of the mouse as your hand is incredible, with the ability of being able to gently peek round doors or opening drawers, rather than just clicking on objects, gives the whole title a sense of unforgiving dread.


WAS: £9.99, NOW: £2.49 (-75%)

By now, you've probably clocked that we really like Eastern European horrors. And Cryostasis, despite slightly faulty shooting mechanics, is the most interesting of the lot. Forget the action part, the story and graphics will drive you onwards as you seek shelter from the raging blizzard. Might not be for everyone, but at £2.49, it's worth a pop.

Men Of War

WAS: £12.99, NOW: £3.24 (-75%)

Since we're going to assume you went ahead and bought Company Of Heroes years ago, you're probably looking for another RTS to whet your militaristic appetite. Enter Men of War, which puts you in charge of the Allies, Nazis or USSR in a well executed WWII strategy title. Not the best game you'll play all year, but it's £3 and it works. In the olden days, they played this game for real. Think about that before you complain.

Lead and Gold

WAS: £9.99, NOW: £4.99 (-50%)

It looks a lot like Team Fortress 2. It plays a lot like Team Fortress 2. It's basically Team Fortress 2, but with Red Dead Redemption thrown in. It's a great multiplayer game, with death a constant threat due to the high damage bullets do. Plus, you're a cowboy. What's not to like?

Square Enix Eidos Publisher Pack

PRICE: £67.49. Individual price of all games: £451.33

Yep. You save £383.84, and you get 38 games for the price of two. How could you possibly not buy this?

That's just a few of the gems you might uncover while hunting for games in the Steam Sale, but rest assured, hundreds of others await, as well as the few select games that are reduced by around 75% for 24 hours. Basically - everyone wins.

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- Chris Hawke

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