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Your chance to interview the Fallout: New Vegas team!
by Chris Hawke

UPDATE: That's it, folks! We've had almost 300 questions, and we've sent off as many as we could to the Fallout: New Vegas team. Thank you all so much for your questions, and stay tuned to GGTL for the full interview soon!

There seems to be a sort a nuclear mist surrounding Fallout: New Vegas. Not much is known about the upcoming Obsidian/Bethesda title, a spin-off from the popular - no, sorry, award winning - Fallout series. Gamer's Guide to Life wanted to know more.

'Course, we're not ones to leave you behind! We've secured an exclusive interview with the Fallout: New Vegas team, and since we forgot to send you a birthday present last year (sorry, it totally slipped our minds), we'll make it up to you by letting you ask your questions of the New Vegas boys and girls.

All you have to do is add a question you'd like answered about upcoming RPG/FPS hybrid Fallout: New Vegas is one of the following:

Pop it in the comments section.
Possibly the easiest way to ask your question from this page is via the comments system. You can login using your Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo account, or can comment without an account too. It's quick and almost offensively simple. Just make sure to leave a name with any comment so we can credit you!

You could be all a-Twitter.
Have a Twitter account? Tweet us over your question. All you need to do is send us a message via @ggtl. Please use the GGTL hashtag - #ggtl - so your tweet shows up on the side of GGTL and you get five minutes of fame.

Old fashioned? Shoot us an electronic mail.
If you're not a fan of comments systems or social networking, then I'd advise you - other than telling you to join 2010 for crying out loud - to send an email over with your question to and we'll do our best to include it.

Ask questions that are as in-depth as you want, on any area of the game, development, or future of the series, and with any luck we'll squeeze as many as physically possible in the interviewee's inbox. It couldn't be easier!

So, get to it. We'll hopefully have the answers sometime before E3 this year. Speaking of which - check out GGTL's extensive E3 2010 coverage.


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- Chris Hawke

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