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Gamer's Guide to at Gadget Show Live 2010 - Video Diary #1
by Linford Butler

Linford and Jacques are at the Gadget Show Live today! The event, hosted at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, will see hundreds flock to test the latest and greatest technology available to the industry, and we'll be live at the event all day today with exclusive reviews, previews and interviews, just for you.

Also, some very exciting news - we have secured an interview with none other than Mr. Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show, the self-professed geek gamer who we all love. We'll be doing the interview at around 12:00pm today, and we'd like to give you the opportunity to ask your questions. If you have any quickfire questions to ask him, we'll be sure to ask the best ones in our interview later today - make sure to Twitter them to @ggtl, or email them to

Join us as we test technology not even on the market yet, in our series of video diaries and on Twitter. Also, follow all the articles on Gamer's Guide to


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- Linford Butler
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