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Analysis: Call of Duty 7 teaser
by Chris Hawke

A new teaser for a Treyach game, Call Of Duty 7, appeared on the internet recently, and we recorded everything we've seen and heard. Here's what is hidden within the teaser.

Please note: Many say this is a Fallout: New Vegas teaser. Bethesda were contacted, and said the teaser was 'cool', but 'didn't have anything do to with [our] games'.

Video: By twisting the dial at the top right of the TV, you can tune into an old 60s TV picture. This video shows these events: A radioactive nucleus emitting either alpha or beta radiation, which then splits other radioactive nuclei, and so on, until they all explode. This is what happens in the A or H-Bomb as ionization. The video then cuts to a baseball stadium, which suddenly seems to explode, with a small nuclear cloud coming out of the field. Suddenly, the video buts back to the baseball field, and zooms into a baseball, which morphs into a globe, which becomes increasingly misshapen.

The video again cuts to an Atom bomb, showing the workings of it inside, before showing a diagram of radioactive material Uranium 238 being converted to Uranium 235. Again, the video cuts to a map labeled 'Plan', with diagrams of battleships and infantry appearing round it. The final shot is of Kennedy announcing the 500-mile Naval Blockade of Cuba on live TV, on the 22th October, 1963.

From this, it's clear that Call Of Duty 7 will take place during the Cold War, with most of those shots looking like 50s and 60s American Propaganda, explaining the A/H-Bomb and Arms Race. The final shot of Kennedy is a dead givaway - either the Bay of Pigs, or Cuban Missile Crisis, will be included.

Audio: A man and woman continually spell out NOVA SIX intermittently. A little sound effect plays - we don't know if it is from something relevant, like a 60s computer. Sometimes, you can hear a man say something like 'Hell Is Horrible/Purple', very slowly. The man also says 'Man is starting to make a world of their own conception, and profit from their own mind all the material which they employ.' Sounds pretty Capitalist to us.

All you can tell from this is... well, nothing really. We don't know what NOVA 6 is, what the little electronic ditty is, or what the man says. However, the 'Man is starting to make a world...' bit sounds like 60s capitalist ideology.

We'll keep updating this with anything that happens to the site. Found something else? Add it to the comments!


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- Chris Hawke
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