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18 Game Endings...From The Future
by Chris Hawke
Guess what? We've invented a time machine. Yeah, we know - how awesome is that?! So, what did we do with it? Instead of checking out really important historical events, or going a thousand years into the future (where we all live on Mars. Duh.), we did the only sensible thing - skip ahead to future game releases and play them. Here are 18 game endings, straight from the future.

However, take note: the time machine may have been a dream. If so, we'd like to point out that we have no idea if these endings are true, and we're just making some guesses. This is spoiler free.

Red Dead Redemption

John Marston has to help the lawmen, rebels and outcasts in the hunt for his old gang-mate Bill Williamson. He arrives at his home just in time to stop Williamson from murdering his family, but as they wrestle, Marston's gun goes off and hits his wife. He kills Bill, but while cradling his wife's dead body, asks whether all the blood shed was worth it, and comes to accept the passing of the cowboy era. It's dark, man.

Mafia II

You work your way to the top using a charming wit, a lot of guns and a horse head. Eventually, you and best pal Joey storm the mansion of the main Mafia guy (The Godfather, if you will), and after a tense shootout, reach his office. However, the Godfather kills your friend Joey, and - in a fit of rage - you butcher the boss with your bare hands. You claim the throne, and become the biggest crime boss out there, but feel strangely empty...

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

The Joker has taken hold of the city, and you battle district-to-district, reclaiming Gotham. Eventually, you reach the Joker and defeat him, but at a price - all the chaos and madness has forced the Bat to become mentally insane, and the game ends with Bruce Wayne checking himself in to Arkham, joining the madhouse. Inspired by the 'Serious House On Serious Earth' book.

Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Following that big thing that happened at the end of Episode 2 (see, we told you there were no spoilers), you and a much darker Alyx Vance adventure to the Borealis, fight loads of Combine, discover a clever universe link to Portal (the boat was once run by Glados), and reveal that the man behind the Combine is... G-Man. Sets up for Half Life 3 nicely.

I Am Alive

In the ruins of Chicago, while hunting for your girlfriend, you discover the the earthquake was no accident - it was set off by shady government officials, wanting the city destroyed to claim 'the terrorists did it', and launch a full-scale Middle Eastern invasion. Or something. Luckily, you and the missus make it out alive (the title makes sense now...) and warn the country of their evil plot.

L.A. Noire

As you progress the ranks of the police force, you discover that there's a serial killer behind the attacks. After they strike a member of your family, you swear to bring them to justice, and after a lot of detective work, find out that the Chief of Police is behind the murders. Arrest him, take his place, happy endings all round.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

On your quest to find who killed your daughter, you get tipped off by a mysterious figure that the answer lies in the White House. You discover the the murder of your daughter was the work of Third Echelon, in an attempt to rid you of emotional baggage and turn you into a rock-hard government killer. It worked, but kinda backfired as you left Third Echelon to discover who killed Sarah. The mysterious figure turns out to be Lambert (yay!), and you head on over to blow the crap out of Third Echelon, walking into the sunset a wanted rouge.

Alan Wake

After getting some serious writer's block, you battle those really dark enemies in a seemingly haunted holiday location. While trying to uncover the secret of this place, your wife gets stolen. You hunt for her, but slowly realize she doesn't exist. In fact, none of this exists - you've gone totally insane while trying to think of a new book. Ouch.

Skate 3

You and your crew pull some wicked sick flips and that, brah, and stick it to the man, saving this totally sweet city. Dude.

Stacraft II

Kerrigan returns, does a massive Zerg Rush on the Zergs, wins, war is won, everyone happy, blah blah blah. Something about Xel'Naga. Honestly, we had no idea what was happening.

Alpha Protocol

Michael Thorton goes 'Alpha Protocol' on the USA, and uncovers the corrupt politicians within the United States Government. Want to know more? We've got an interview with the Alpha Protocol development team coming up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Dead Rising 2

Following the zombie outbreak, you chop and slice your way through Fortune City to find your daughter. As you try to escape by motorbike, she gets caught by a zombie, and being kick-ass, you turn that bike around and go mental, hacking anything zombie-looking to bits. You find your daughter, and depending on earlier in-game choices, she's either a zombie (you have to kill her, escape, feel sad) or find her totally unharmed, and escape together.


Playing as either Security or Resistance, you play a vital role in the Ark Civil War, pushing back the scum and throwing them into the water, leaving your side to rebuild the Ark, and the human race. However, little do you know the the outcasts are forming their own floating city. Cue Brink 2.

Halo Reach

Set before Halo 1, your group of Spartans fight valiantly against the invading Covenant, but are unable to win the war. In desperation, your character (known only as Noble 6) assumes the role of Master Chief by partaking in the SPARTAN project, revealing the identity of our favorite Xbox character.

Portal 2

Chell and Wheatley quest to take down Glados, and while puzzling their way through the test chambers, start to uncover some strange goings on. In a showdown with Glados, she reveals that you were a member of the team that originally built her, and programmed her. You defeat the robot, but go a bit mental, start talking about a cake, clean up the lab and rebuild Glados, only to pass out for a while, lose your memory, and wake up in test chamber 1 - at the start of Portal 1. Turns it it was you who made those weird scribblings in the original, and Portal 2 was actually a prequel. Confusing.

True Crime

Detective Wei Shen gets a little too involved with the Traid gang, and after bringing them down from the inside, refuses to come in from the cold, back to the Police Force, and instead goes rogue. It seems to be the fashionable thing to do these days.

Medal Of Honor

Tier 1 go in to the war-torn Afganistan, taking out big name targets silently, while your average private fights on the ground in epic battles. The two storylines connect as you try stop a very wanted terrorist escaping, but fail to do so, with the private getting a fatal shot to the chest. Medal Of Honor 2, here we come.

Fallout: New Vegas

After doing little odd-jobs here and there, you're caught up in the battle to save New Vegas from the oncoming New California Republic. After lots of epic fights, you succeed, but wonder how long it will be before more attackers start coming, as after all, war... war never changes.

Got any other endings from the future you'd like to share? Post them in the comments section. And remember, this could all have been one big dream. A truly epic one, at that, but a dream nonetheless. Don't take these endings to be the real thing, cause no-one have actually played these games yet. But if these do turn out to be true, then we are officially AWESOME.


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- Chris Hawke

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