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Fallout: New Vegas Premiere Trailer - First Look
by Jacques Hulme

Update: After that trailer the other day, I was ready to get back into my vault (bedroom), and wait months for any more Fallout: New Vegas news. But I was awoken to find loads more info. Catch up on this story

I'm a rather large Fallout 3 fan, so you'll forgive me for being a little excited about Bethesda Softworks' upcoming to the ever-popular Fallout 3 - Fallout: New Vegas. To my joy a trailer was released yesterday and, after analysing it, I'm here to bring you a decoded look at the sneek peek given in the video.

The trailer starts to the song 'Blue Moon', and is a lot like the debut trailer for Fallout 3. The camera begins to pull back and reveals a screen with a (rather creepy) cowboy's face on.

As the trailer continues, you can see that the TV screen sits, slap-bang, on the face of the robot. Perhaps an updated version of the Enclave Eyebot's from Fallout 3? Or, perhaps, an advertising robot from New Vegas itself. Whatever it is, however, it seems to be doing something quite strange - as you can see in the picture below, it's lifting stones and moving them, suggesting it may have gone a little wrong.

Also, you observe that the robot seems to have a cannon in place of a hand on his other arm. However - with the camera panning out - you can begin to see what the robot is actually doing. A hand is sticking out of the dusty soil, and we finally realise that it's burying bodies. Oh, how sweet.

Our initial concerns at the idea of a gravedigging android are soon confirmed, as the trailer continues to reveal the cyborg working away in what is clearly a graveyard. The crosses and tombstones which litter the scene are sinister against the grey background of the night.

Continuing with the outward zooming, the scene changes to a panoramic view of the landscape, and our first view of (what I presume is) New Vegas.

The image is quite dark, so in the above screenshot I've brightened it for your delictation. As you can see, New Vegas is a thriving place, filled with buildings and light - just like Vegas nowadays. Notable locations include a huge tower standing proud in the middle of the city, and what seems to be a curved building to the left of Vegas; think a stand at a sports match or maybe Sydney Opera House. However, the cemetery in the foreground suggests that things have gone just a little astray.

And now, what I believe to be the Pièce de résistance in my video decoding.

The flag in the foreground looks suspiciously like the flag of California. And, upon closer inspection, we notice that it is the flag of California - the bear emblem and word 'California' are both obvious in the trailer. What does that mean for us? Well, seeing as Vegas is actually in Nevada, it could mean that the city of sin has relocated to California. Or, it could mean you cross the border from California to Nevada. Or, it could mean California tries to invade Vegas.

And one last point: the rather frightening-looking guy in the final few frames of the trailer has 'A7' printed on his back, and the number '7' on his helmet. What's that all about, I wonder? Why not let me know your ideas, thoughts and conspiracies in the comments section? We'll find out more in due time. I can't wait!

Those naughty games magazines have broken their embargos, and a tonne of information on New Vegas has flooded in. Now, I'll warn you: this info could spoil the game slightly, so be warned.
- It's a first-person view game, using the same engine as Fallout 3
- A new "Hardcore mode" will be available which provides gamers with an even more desparate land. For example, Stimpacks will heal you over time
- The story focuses on a conflict between three main clans - The New California Republic, New Vegas and the men and women of old Vegas.(Told ya! I was right!)
- A reputation system measuring faction friendliness allows you to juggles friends and hostiles. This is turning out to be like Merceneries!
- Notable locations include the huge Hoover Dam, which is providing energy for the inhabitants of Vegas.
- Multiple types of Super Mutants.
A plethora of further info can be read on this thread. It contains a few plot spoilers though.


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- Jacques Hulme
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