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“Honest, I only meant to stay out for five minutes longer…”
by Linford Butler

Honest, we did. We only popped out for some bread and milk, and all of a sudden we’re away for almost two weeks. And honestly, we feel really, really, ever so bad about that. But fear not, loyal readers (and new ones alike) – we have good news for you. We’re back, with a vengeance, and our two-week disappearance from the face of the earth was not in vain, as we’ve been working on some stuff we think you’ll like.

Starting at home, we’ve got some great content upcoming on our main site. Starting with a review of the superhero-based MMORPG, Champions Online, at 7pm this evening, the stuff we’ve got upcoming is almost a new level in journalistic awesomesauceness. Then, we’ll have a review of Bethesda’s WET coming in the next few weeks, courtesy of Jacques; a full low-down of Wolfenstein in the form of a review from our very own Lead Editor, Mr. Meadows; beta impressions from the frontline of the MAG beta from myself; and all our usual news stuff and features which you’ve no doubt come to love.

A little further afield, we’ve got some very exciting coverage lined up for you over the next six weeks. The observant amongst you will have noticed the banner at the top of the blog, advertising our coverage of this year’s Eurogamer Expo. Well, our dedicated coverage has gone live just now, over at We’ll be covering all the ins and outs of the expo, starting today. Then, we’ll be reporting from the expo in Leeds and the first day of the London venue from 28th-30th October, before Jacques and I are live with press access from the Old Billingsgate venue in London for the last day, and undoubtedly the most exciting, of the Eurogamer Expo. Be sure not to miss it.

We’ve also been hard at work thinking up new ways to make your experience on Gamer’s Guide to Life better. As such, be ready for some drastic cosmetic changes coming to the site over the next month. We’ll also be bringing some much-needed and snazzy new features, so look out for those as well. If ever the blog experiences downtime, you can’t get on, or it looks like the staff have all died – don’t worry, we’re just all very busy doing other stuff which’ll make your experience much nicer here.

It’s good to be back.



- Linford Butler

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