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Step into the shoes of a Manager: Championship Manager 2010 kicks off in September
by Joey Núñez

The Championship Manager series, which has been giving football fans a chance to manage thier dream teams ever since 1992, is hitting PC gamers with the latest game in the series, Championship Manager 2010, come September 11th.

This new title in the classic series will be the first football game available that covers the 2009/2010 season, and when we say cover, we really mean it, since a new feature in the game will allow players to download real and current data and stats of the 2009/2010 season. This feature promises to make sure that Championship Manager 2010 gives fans of the series the most realistic management experience they've experienced to date. Ever wonder just how Alex Ferguson makes those tough calls while looking over the roster of Machester United? Now you can find out.

Another nifty new feature for the series is a 3D Match engine, featuring over 500 motion captured animations for the players, so you can not only manage your favorite team, but see it in action, geting a much more real feel as to how your managerial skills have affected your team. Fans will have lots to look forward to on September 11th, but if you'd like to try the game out before taking the plunge, make sure to download the playable demo which will be made available n the official Championship Manager website on August 14th. The demo will feature 6 months of game time and, to sweeten the deal, will be compatible with the final game upon release.


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- Joey Núñez

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