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Sega restarts Genesis poll, removes Earthworm Jim
by Tyson Breen

When Sega announced that they had opened up a poll for fans to decide on the next Genesis game to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade, Earthworm Jim quickly rose to the top. The poll was restarted today with Earthworm Jim removed from the contest. But don't cry yet, Earthworm Jim fans: the reason it was removed was due to Gameloft announcing that Earthworm Jim will be coming to all consoles as downloadable content.

Sega had this to say. "Unfortunately, due to a licensing issue, we are no longer able to offer Earthworm Jim as an option in our poll. It was announced earlier today that Gameloft will be bringing Earthworm Jim to Xbox Live Arcade along with several other platforms. We are excited that our fans will soon be able to play this game."

It seems that Toejam & Earl has become the new fan-favorite, with about 42% of the votes at the time of writing this post. I'd rather see Streets of Rage in this position, but getting both Earthworm Jim and (likely) Toejam & Earl is nothing to complain about.

If you would like to vote on the new poll you can do so here.


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- Tyson Breen

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