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PlayStation Slim appears on Amazon Deutscheland
by Linford Butler
A listing for the 'PlayStation 3 Konsole slim' has appeared on the German version of Amazon (, with a notice informing Deutsch users to 'sign up to recieve an email when this item is available'.

Yep, granted, the above image is very blurry, but it most definitely says the words 'PlayStation' and 'slim' in the same listing. Granted, it could just be a mistake on the part of Amazon, or a handy Photoshop user's attempt at fooling the industry, or even an edited HTML page by someone handy at making web pages, but the appearance of such a listing, which corrosponds with rumours flying about for months now, seems a little too coincidental to me.

However, the listing is currently entirely devoid of information; there's no price, no date, no image and even the platform is listed as 'platform independent'. We'll have a word with Sony and see what the 'official line' is on it, but don't be surprised if they issue the standard 'no comment on rumours' gobbledygook.


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- Linford Butler

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