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Modding community gets the military makeover as Bohemia provides modding tools
by Linford Butler
Many PC games, particularly those with very large fan-bases, are well-known for their modding communities. These dedicated groups of fans work day and night, doing the sort of work that would usually be left to proper games developers - writing thousands of lines of code, doing some pretty darn pretty graphics work and generally making a good game better.

It's no surprise, then, that Bohemia Interactive have decided to release modding tools for their recent, ultra-realistic military simulator, ArmA II. The tools, which allow users to modify and create their own camo, vehicles, models and weapons, or even create whole environments, can be downloaded from the Bohemia Interactive Studios community site.

“Our engine is designed from the ground up to allow the community and fans to easily create and share additional content,” said Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive's CEO. "We really appreciate the work done by fans of our games and by officially releasing these sophisticated mod tools we want to renew our commitment to them.

"These tools will simplify the work of the community; allow them the freedom of creativity and expression and to ensure that ArmA II provides them with an almost never ending source of entertainment and value."

It'll be good to see an active mod community on such a powerful and realistic game. Time to realise those boyhood dreams of running through a ruined castle, machine gun in hand, killing un-dead knights of olde. Why? Just because, now, you can.


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- Linford Butler

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