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Giveaway: Get a taste of the race feeling in Supercar Challenge!
by Linford Butler
Do the squeal of breaks make you hot under the collar? Does the smell of burning rubber make you go giddy with excitement? Do you regard a car as a work of art? Do you watch Top Gear on a Sunday night without fail?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this giveaway is certainly for you. If you didn't, but want in on a chance to play the upcoming Supercar Challenge before release, then stick around too, because we've got plenty to go around. Fifty, in fact.

Yes, we're giving away fifty - that's a five and a zero - beta keys which will get you access to the closed beta test of Supercar Challenge, kind courtesy of the very nice people over at System3. And it couldn't be more simple - just answer the following question and provide your email in the comments section to be in with a chance of winning.

What would be the main feature of your dream racing game?

That's all you've got to do for us to pop you into our shiny hat of gaming goodness, and to be in with a chance of winning one of those beta keys. The giveaway will close at 6:00pm BST on 20th August 2009, and entries recieved after that closing time will not be entered. Good luck.

Terms and conditions As this is a European Beta Trial, you must have a valid European PlayStation Network account in order to redeem any beta keys you recieve from this competition. Please remember that this demo code is now three months old and was only really created to test out the network section of the game, so many, many changes have been made since it was released. Maximum ONE beta key per entrant. Multiple entries will not be counted.
First of all, I need you to please adhere to the strict rules of this Beta Trial. As with any other Beta, YOU MUST NOT RECORD AND POST FOOTAGE AND/OR SCREENSHOTS OF THIS GAME ONLINE. This is because the game is not yet finished and you MUST agree to these terms in order to be approved.

Secondly, please understand the nature of this beta trial. We have made it available so that people can try out the online aspects of the game. There are many aspects of the game that are not yet finished so you will certainly encounter bugs, glitches and crashes. However, fear not — this will not damage your machine.
Please note, you must have a decent signal in order to enjoy this game. In the race you may see cars jumping around the track — this is simply because those testers have a bad broadband signal.

Here is some information for the demo:

Cars: Enzo Ferrari, Aston Martin DBR9, Mclaren F1
Tracks: Nürburgring GP Circuit, Spa
Weather Conditions: Dry, Wet
Racing Options: 1-16 player Online (yes, you can race on your own if you want)
Car Liveries: various liveries available

Obviously there will be many options in the final game but for the purposes of this trial the controls are:

L Steer
L1 Look Left
L2 Brake
L3 Headlights On/Off
R Gear Shift Up/Down (in manual gear mode)
R1 Look right
R2 Accelerate
X Accelerate
O Handbrake
Tri Look Back
Sq Brake
Sel Change View

Steering Wheel: Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels are catered for.

PSN accounts from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Belgium may not be compatible with this Sony Europe beta. You will know because you will get an ERROR message when you try to use the code. If this happens you need to set up a UK PSN account.

There are many options available to race hosts, ranging from no penalties, to full penalties and you can also set the game up so that players are disqualified after a set number of penalties.
Players will be penalised for cutting corners and overly aggressive behaviour

All three racing modes are in this Beta. these are Assisted, Arcade and Simulation, the latter of which is fully customisable.

Please understand that this trial is designed to give you a taster of what we're doing. Please also understand that the code this trial is based is now several weeks old (that's how long it takes to get it all approved and on the store).
Obviously there are only three cars and two tracks available. controller configuration is also limited and you don't have access to the Showroom (where you buy and sell cars and design your liveries).
The Damage meter is also off for this trial, so while there is visible damage you won't have to retire through excessive damage.

Don't underestimate how much of a difference there is between the handling of the cars and the way they handle in the rain.
I'd recommend jumping into the DBR9 and racing in the dry for a few races, just to get the feel of the game and the car, and to get used to the controls. Driving in the rain is a real challenge, especially in Simulation mode. Curbs are slippery, braking distances are vastly extended and braking while turning is a recipe for disaster.

Please note this is a Sony Europe trial so other territories may not be compatible. If your code does not work it may be that you live in a country that is not compatible. In this scenario please try opening a UK PSN account.
Because of the nature of Beta Trials you will have to download a 500Mb file. DEPENDING ON THE SPEED OF YOUR CONNECTION THIS COULD TAKE UP TO 45 MINUTES.
After you have downloaded and installed the Beta you can start it, however, upon starting it you will be asked to download the latest patch for Stage 2. Again, this could take a further 45 minutes!

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- Linford Butler

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