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Eight Days still in development? New shots make it look that way.
by Jacques Hulme

Anyone remember Eight Days? That's right, that exceptionally looking shooter which was exclusive to PS3. If you don't remember it, you might want to take a glance at the above video. If you do remember it, you may also remember it was cancelled.

What for? Too little money? Not enough time? Nope, none of those - it was canceled to make way for EyePets. Now, we at GGTL aren't criticising EyePets - it looks awesome - but why cancel a triple-A title for it?

Well, perhaps they didn't after all. It seems to be a day of revelations today, with rumours of a Gran Turismo 5 Beta, and now new Eight Days screenshots have hit the web and lets just say, wow!

It seems to be looking great, with some really nice colours. Anyway, I'll leave them with you to judge. EyePets or this? Your choice.

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- Jacques Hulme

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