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Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time gets new gameplay footage
by Chuck Pierce

With the conclusion of the San Diego International Comic Con last weekend, news about games coming out this autumn have been emerging throughout the week. Yesterday, new info (and video) about Playstation's favorite sci-fi duo appeared, to the great surprise and happiness of fans of the kitty and his favourite metal friend.

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (Add the 'Future' part if you're in the US) had a big showing at this years Comic Con. The third installment of the series on the PS3 will finally conclude the story arc that started in Tools of Destruction. This time we get to see our two heroes in a whole different light, with Ratchet trying to save his friend Clank who is being held captive at the end of the universe in what is known as the Great Clock. Here is the new trailer to the game thanks to the guys at the PlayStation.Blog.

The panel at Comic Con revealed a lot about the coming game, including some things that cannot be revealed until the game's release. However, the PlayStation.Blog was able to give the masses on the internet a first look at some Clank gameplay, something fans haven't seen on the PS3 since Tools of Destruction. Brian Allgeier, creative director for A Crack in Time, shows us Clank's new allies as well as his new weapon, which can do some interesting things. He also says this game will have the most Clank gameplay than any other Ratchet and Clank title to date.

The last video that has been released is probably the most exciting part about the game: the Constructo weapons. These weapons you can not only change the way they look but also the way they function. Apparently, a player can find different mods throughout the game to change up each Constructo weapon to make it do different things. These different things include the type of ammunition as well as the way the ammunition fires and even how the ammunition destroys.

The game's developer Insomniac also revealed that there will be new space gameplay that will allow players to engage in space battles and explore the galaxy for new levels and collectibles. And with the inclusion of the 36 combinations of Constructo weapons there will be plenty of new things added to the R&C arsenal including the Spiral of Death, a weapon created by the winning fan of the "My Blaster Runs Hot contest".

Look for "Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time" on the shelves this autumn.


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- Chuck Pierce

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