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Gordon Brown: I'm a gamer
by Linford Butler
Well, that's pretty much the message given out by British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who has revealed that he will use parliament's recess to take on his kids on video games. The 58-year-old MP told a Daily Mirror reporter, "I'll enjoy my holiday, but I've got work to do". However, when not working, it's likely that one of the leaders of the free world will be being repeatedly thrashed at Gears of War.

The newspaper reports: He plans to do more "re-winning" of [his childrens'] interest as he watches the boys' favourite TV shows and plays computer games over the next few weeks at the couple's home in Scotland and on their holiday.

The PM's announcement is yet another good sign, with Government enthusiasm and support for the video games industry and gaming as a whole on the rise. With pledges from Government Minister Sion Simon for a cross-departmental committee for videogames, to prevent the industry suffering from economic difficulties, the recent government interest in the industry is likely a good sign for gaming.


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- Linford Butler

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