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First look at Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is OMGPOP
by Linford Butler

Released via the Call of Duty dev site, FourZeroTwo, the latest Modern Warfare 2 video shows a little more than just CGI. Introducing the very first gameplay from the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode, the trailer gives gamers a first look at the custom killstreaks option, in which players choose a particular speciality of the multiplayer gameplay to work at a killstreak in.

Other reveals in the gameplay include new weapons and the ability to pilot an AC-130 gunship in an online match. Keep your eyes on Gamer's Guide to Life for all the latest Modern Warfare 2 news and information. However, just to tickle your tastebuds, take a look at the trailer at the top of this post. You won't be disappointed.



- Linford Butler

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