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Endwar 2 on the way!
by Jacques Hulme

One of my 'missed gems' of 2008 was the Tom Clancy brand's attempt at a RTS game, which came in the form of Endwar. It was, in my view, the most successful ports of the genre onto a console. I loved it because, unlike other console ports, you had a simple interface that was extremely easy to use. This was helped by the fact that they also changed the formula; instead of the usual series of events - build base, mine ore, buy barracks, train troops - they shot to what's usually near the end and you're able to go right in and kill people.

You'll understand, therfore, that I was happy when, in a recent interview with creative director Michael De Plater, Endwar 2 was revealed. It seems this new game may focus on the story mode a little better than the previous attempt as Plater stated that, "Giving more attention to the single-player is straightforward to address and will make the game a lot of fun." This sounds like an improvement as the first one was a little... empty on story. Here's hoping they fix the servers so you can get into a game much quicker than the first!


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- Jacques Hulme

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