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Develop Conference moves North, takes a look round Liverpool
by Linford Butler
With the Develop Conference going strong at its usual venue in the seaside town of Brighton, Develop bosses feel that expansion is the way forward - along with pretty much everyone in the games industry at the moment. As such, the Develop Conference will be making a stop in Liverpool this year, for one day only.

Designed to further meet the expectations of games developers in the north of England, the one-day Liverpool version of the conference, currently slated for 5th November, will "go through three tracks and multiple networking sessions including a post-event drinks reception".

“With such an active and vibrant development community north of Birmingham it just makes sense to take the Develop conference to Liverpool,” said event director Andy Lane. “We want as many developers as possible to experience the passion and energy that we saw in Brighton. Develop in Liverpool is at the heart of a region that has long history of development excellence, so we’re confident this will be a day fizzing with ideas and insights,” he added.

The Develop Conference is just one in a few games expos to be making their way North this autumn. The ever-growing Eurogamer Expo will be in Leeds on 28th and 29th of October, with a London based expo at the Old Billingsgate venue on the 30th and 31st.

Develop Conference head honchos have already booked up the Brighton venue for next year's event, which will take place 13-15 July 2010.


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- Linford Butler

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