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Deadline for Games Media Awards getting near
by Linford Butler
The annual Games Media Awards are getting very close now, with less than three working days before the deadline for nominations. That's right - voting closes in less than 72 hours, so it's time to get those last minute nominations in before the deadline.

The coveted awards, which are handed out at an awards ceremony at Camden Town's Jongleurs venue, are split into ten categories, and the nominations for each category are voted for by the general public, the industry and the general gaming media.

The ten categories are for the best games magazine, games website, specialist games writer (print), specialist games writer (online), games coverage in a mainstream magazine, regional games columnist, games blog, games broadcast or podcast (TV, radio or online), rising star, games coverage in a national newspaper and games media legend.

All nominations should be emailed to before nominations close on Monday, 3rd August. Feel free to vote for Gamer's Guide to Life, but we're not concentrating on winning anything this year. Perhaps next year, eh?


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- Linford Butler

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