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The Call, The Duty
by Jacques Hulme
It seems that Halo isn't the only game being shifted into an arty form (like so). About a month ago, production company ONE released their short movie, The Call. It follows the basic outline of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, starting with a Humvee containing 'Precious Cargo' driving through a desert town. Suddenly bright reds hit the screen as the trucks are ambushed by several hostiles. The vehicle gunners are killed but soon the Americans have cleared the area. But then, gunfire rips down the street and the soldiers dive to cover. Luckily, one manages to take the chopper down with a highly accurate shot from a rocket launcher.

Then, earlier this month, the second part was released named The Duty. It is longer this time, hitting the 7min marker and begins with a scary looking bunch of hostiles invading an oil rig. Once cleared, a chopper is landed on the Heli Pad. Then a familiar face appears. Zakaev begins his speech about blood and soil while holding a detonator. The scene then swaps to the British SAS heading towards the oil rig. Two carefully placed bullets hit hostile watchmen and soon all hell breaks loose. In the mayhem that follows it is revealed the the detonator that Zakaev was holding turns out to be linked up to the oil rig workers. Then follows a tense stand off between a masked villan and three SAS. Suddenly he pushes down on the trigger and braces for the explosion. Luckily, bomb defusal have done their job and they all live happily ever after....Yay?

You can find the two shorts here and here.


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- Jacques Hulme

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